What We Do

Continuus Materials is focused on changing the paradigm of how we can handle post-consumer waste and post-industrial waste. We see it as an abundant source of high quality raw material that can be upcycled into high demand, cost-competitive, superior-building products.

Because of the huge potential scale, we have the opportunity to make dramatic impact on reducing waste going to landfill, significantly improving our national environmental footprint.

We are leveraging over a decade of development of waste separation and processing technologies targeted at disrupting the recycling industry. The proprietary technologies developed by Continuus hold the promise of making closed loop recycling work at a scale never seen before.

Every day, the United States generates about 700,000 tons of household waste. The amount of waste is growing, but we want to reverse that trend. Materials we use for packing and wrapping can be reused again and again, if we start to treat them in a different way. We have discovered a unique opportunity to treat our nature and resources in a more sustainable way.

World Bank Waste Generation Estimate in tons, 2025

Continuus has proven they can take mixed paper and plastic and turn them into products that create jobs here in the United States. That’s what recycling is really all about—closing the loop. Not just collecting the materials, but turning them into products that can be used over and over.

— Bridgett Luther, Former Director, CA Dept of Conservation