Frequently asked questions,

clearly answered.

Q: I’ve seen blogs and/or websites showing your Nakedboard and Rewall products. Do you still manufacture them?

A: We discontinued all former ReWall products including Nakedboard in 2019 to focus on our market-preferred Everboard brand cover boards.

Q: Where is Everboard manufactured?

A: We currently manufacture in Des Moines, IA but will be announcing a second manufacturing site soon.

Q: What is the recycle content of the finished product?

A: Our product is made of 95% post-consumer or post-industrial recycled content.

Q: Can you ship outside the USA?

A: No. We currently only service the continental USA.

Q: Can Everboard be used on residential roofs?

A: No, our product is currently only designed for low-slope commercial roofing applications.

Q: Can Everboard be recycled and used again?

A: Yes, Everboard is circular and can be fully recyclable after its useful life.