There is only one planet. We’re revolutionizing how the world views waste.

Our product may look rectangular, but everything we do is circular. Where the world sees a mounting problem with waste, Continuus Materials sees it from a circular perspective. We’ve created a flagship solution for rescuing waste from landfills. Permanently. No more one and done. Once our product’s life is complete, it’s able to live again as raw material for future generations of building materials. 

Taking our place in a circular world.

Continuus Materials is proud to participate with and actively support a variety of well-established sustainable programs and initiatives.

Someday all building products will be circular.

It is no small feat to change the game and move toward zero-waste goals. We’re here to help. We partner with building owners, roofing contractors, consultants and design professionals who recognize sustainability isn’t about going it alone. We’re optimistic about what can be accomplished through circularity, particularly with you as part of the process.

Our need to work together is demonstrated by facts like these:


Of the trash floating in our oceans is made of plastic.

380 million tons

Of plastic waste is produced worldwide every year.

10 million tons

Of plastic are dumped in our oceans annually.

Less than 9%

Of all plastic gets recycled.

What We Recycle

We collect, sort, and shred plastic and paper waste from a wide range of supply channels. The raw material is then pressed and formed into resilient, long-lasting Everboard roof cover boards.

Mixed Paper

HDPE Bottles

LDPE Films


The impact of circularity at work.

For every 1,000 square feet of Everboard roof cover board, 2,000 pounds of post-consumer and post-industrial paper and plastic are diverted from landfill. Further, Everboard can be fully-recycled into new roof cover board. That’s circularity at work.

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For every 1,000 ft of roofing,
2,000 lbs of waste are diverted from the landfill

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The product that started it all.

Everboard, the flagship innovation of Continuus Materials, is a remarkably sustainable, high-performance roof cover board.

Made of 95% recycled mixed paper and plastic, Everboard is the most durable and resilient roof cover board on the market. Everboard is lighter, easier to work with, less likely to chip or break, and extends the life of the roof. 

Let’s keep the conversation going

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