The power of circular thinking applied to
building materials.

Our purpose is to repurpose. Not just once, but again and again. At Continuus Materials, we are motivated by a vision of a world without waste, and we are putting our philosophy to work with Everboard™. We are transforming paper and plastic, which would otherwise pile up in landfills, into highly resilient and infinitely recyclable roof cover board that delivers decades of protection.

It’s the world’s first circular rectangle for roofs.

Everboard™ is a high-performance composite roof cover board made from upcycled materials.

Created using a blend of post-industrial and post-consumer plastic and paper, Everboard is a sustainable solution. Beyond its environmental advantages, it is built tough and simple to install. In fact, it is more durable and easier to work with than most gypsum-based roof boards out there. 

Our Process

We collect, sort, and shred plastic and paper waste from a wide range of supply channels. This raw material is then pressed and formed into extremely durable, long-lasting Everboard.


We carefully source post-consumer and post-industrial paper and plastic to meet our exacting standards.


We then extract the difficult-to-recycle paper and plastic that were destined for landfill.


Next, we process and shred the useable recycled paper and plastic, turning it into Recycte™ raw material stock.


Finally, we use pressure to form Recycte into Everboard roof cover boards.

We revolutionize how the world views waste by upcycling discarded materials into high-performance building solutions.

Every 1,000 square feet of Everboard rescues one ton of waste from being burned or landfilled. This means a 50,000 square-foot building diverts about 100,000 lbs of waste from the landfill.

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Our impact since 2018.

We’re changing the destiny of what gets discarded, and the numbers are really starting to add up. Check out the data on our efforts thus far:

240 projects

Successfully installed in 38 states

Over 22 million square feet

Of Everboard roof cover board installed

44 million pounds

Of paper and plastic diverted from landfills

Circularity in Action

Thanks to the way we use upcycled materials that would otherwise be landfilled

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