Continuus Material Recovery Acquires ReWall to Meet Rising Demand for Sustainable Building Materials

The move delivers a large-scale solution to impending waste and recycling challenges

HOUSTON, TX – With China closing its doors to U.S. recyclables, tens of thousands of tons of paper and plastic no longer have a clear path to reuse and are being sent to landfills. By acquiring the manufacturing assets of Des Moines-based ReWall Company, Continuus Materials Recovery is poised to create an entirely new value network in construction building materials along with ushering in a new era for recycling.

To address the rising consumer demand for durable sustainable building materials and corporate zero waste goals, Continuus is taking post-consumer and post-industrial mixed paper and plastic destined for landfill and manufacturing them through a proprietary process into 4’x8’ building material boards for exterior wall and commercial roofs.

This new product will be a welcome opportunity for companies committed to zero waste goals. By using Continuus roof cover boards for their large commercial roof projects, companies will qualify for waste diversion volumes as an offset towards their zero-waste reporting. Continuus boards are an advanced engineered composite building material that are extremely durable, ideal for superior building envelope performance.

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