Leading the Circular Economy


Our expertise is sorting and extracting the valuable materials discarded in waste streams and transforming them into new, high performance products.

EVERBOARD roof cover board – a circular solution

Our Future Depends On Establishing Sustainable, Circular Economies

Not only is waste increasing, but recycling markets are collapsing around the world. Much of what goes into waste streams are high quality plastics and cellulose fiber. By rescuing these valuable materials destined for landfill, we produce a new, abundant source of raw material. We complete the Circular Economy by creating new, superior performance products at competitive prices.


We operate one of the largest post-consumer and post-industrial waste separation facilities in North America. Mixed paper and plastic destined for landfill are transformed into a new raw material, and manufactured into high performance cover boards for commercial roofing applications.


By using EVERBOARD™ roof cover boards for commercial roof projects, companies with zero waste goals qualify for waste diversion credits that can be applied toward their zero-waste reporting.